Eric Weinstein joins Robert Breedlove for a multi-episode conversation covering mathematics, physics, history, politics, economics, and money.

Find episodes 2 and 3 here.


00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 Introduction to Gauge Theory
00:06:06 Wittgenstein’s Ruler, Invariance, and Co-Variance
00:08:36 General Relativity, Prices, and Inflation
00:10:58 Gauge Theory Says There is No “Universal Level”
00:13:27 Marginal Revolution Using the Wrong Differential Calculus?
00:16:48 Utility Theory: Ordinal vs. Cardinal
00:19:37 The St. Petersburg Paradox
00:23:06 Cardinal Utility Exhibits the Structure of a Principal Bundle
00:24:41 NYDIG
00:25:48 Economics as the Geometry of Markets
00:28:54 Competition is Critical for Scientific Progression
00:32:51 How Framing Changes What We See
00:37:26 Exploring Gold as a Gauge Theory
00:41:01 Transactional Anonymity as a Consequence of Gauge Theory
00:42:50 Conservation Laws and the Double-Spend Problem
00:44:42 Satoshi as the Originator of “Logical Physics”
00:46:07 The Big Problem of Bitcoin?