Most people only see arch-nemeses in movies. Thus, as a luxury item or a bucket-list entry they are surprisingly satisfying as so few people have one.

In this video I go into some of the thinking that lead me to choosing my arch-nemesis to be the surfer-dude/investor/physicist Garrett Lisi. Since you can really only have one Arch-Nemesis, I thought it was a bit disappointing that there was no canonical guide available (particularly for young men interested in life long rivalry as a motivator) for making a successful decision in this important irrevocable life-cycle event.

If this video enables just one young person to choose an adversarial tormentor successfully, it will all have been worthwhile.

[I have kept my son, his face, gender and name off of Social Media almost completely for 13 years to preserve his options and anonymity. He has now asked to come forward with a YouTube channel:…]

Everyone wants to know what the generation after the Millenials makes of this world and what will they be like when the come of voting, working, and consuming ages. So, why don’t we just ask them? I’m lucky to have one at home, but if you don’t have one living under your roof you can borrow mine as he’s starting a channel.

I often get asked about my approach to parenting and perhaps this models a bit of it. Here I chat briefly with my son Zev,13, about what it is like to have such a tumultuous time as the current era for your developmental environment. If you don’t have a Generation Z member with whom you can discuss their various lenses, I can say that I feel I’ve learned a lot from having Zev as a guide who always enriches my perspective and often corrects me in this area to keep me from error.

You can follow Zev by subscribing to his YouTube CHANNEL, GenerationZ by clicking the link below:…

His first introductory video can be viewed here:

I saw a counter-culture developing which the main media institutions were mostly intent on ignoring or deeply misportraying. In this video, I explain how we got them to move from ignoring us to trying to laugh at us and spreading awareness and our message in the process, as well as how this counter-culture’s name was born according to the main lesson of Nassim Taleb’s “Anti-Fragility.”

“First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.” -N. Klein, 1914

We have now progressed quickly to living between Klein’s stage 2 and 3 as of June 2018. If we get to the end, we intend to skip phase 4 and hold an all night intellectual victory rave instead and invite the vanquished to join in, in the spirit of drunken friendship and loyal opposition. But do subscribe to stay tuned, get invited and get involved with what happens next.

[NOTE: The subject matter of this video was re-recorded due to an audio problem on a previous version. The content is partially, though not perfectly, overlapping.]

Taking a (small) plunge with a first video upload. Please let me know here what content you would be most interested in should I start producing short videos as a way of directly interacting beyond Twitter, and random podcasting. No promises, but if there is really strong interest I will be happy to discuss more on this channel.

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