Lex Fridman #163 | Eric on Difficult Conversations, Freedom of Speech, and Physics

OUTLINE: 0:00​ - Introduction 1:29​ - Aliens and physics 5:14​ - Breaking the frame of conversation 6:59​ - Time travel across multiple dimensions 13:10​ - Is the government in possession of alien spacecraft? 19:33​ - Freedom of…

The Portal Podcast #042: Cashing Out My Trump and IDW Positions

Transcript Hello, You’ve found The Portal. I’m your host Eric Weinstein, and I'm still trying to lie low until this election cycle is concluded given that, in particular, the threat of being booted off the platforms like Twitter…

Critics and the IDW – Eric Weinstein on Rebel Wisdom’s Sensemaking Series

Over two years ago the New York Times reported on "a group of heretics, making an end run around the national conversation", the Intellectual Dark Web. Since then the concept has been celebrated and criticised in equal measure. Rebel Wisdom…