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Piers Morgan Uncensored | “WILDLY Unhinged” Eric On Terrence Howard’s Science

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"Trust the science" became the mantra during the pandemic - but now it seems we're living in an age where the likes of Terrence Howard and Candace Owens are trying to debunk it. Actor Howard recently raised eyebrows when he appeared on Joe…

The Joe Rogan Experience #2171 | Eric Weinstein & Terrence Howard

Eric's seventh appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. See all episodes here.Eric Weinstein holds a PhD in mathematical physics from Harvard University and is a member of the Galileo Project research team.Terrence Howard is an actor of stage…

Discussing Terrence Howard on X Spaces | Eric Weinstein & Brian Keating

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Does 1x1=2? Is the periodic table wrong? Are all conspiracies wrong? Are experts failing us? It is clear that there is a growing public distrust of experts and institutions, and even more clear that this has severe consequences for society…

Democracy Unplugged | Eric Weinstein, Timothy Maurice Webster and Gareth Cliff

In this special episode of Democracy Unplugged, internationally acclaimed podcaster Eric Weinstein joins Timothy Maurice Webster and Gareth Cliff for this dynamic panel discussion. With Eric as a leading voice in contemporary discourse, renowned…

Podcast Party South Africa | Eric Weinstein and Gareth Cliff

Eric Weinstein, renowned for his thought-provoking insights and engaging discussions, is the host of The Portal podcast, and a leading voice in contemporary discourse. He and Gareth sat down and talked about going to St. Helena and then Mars;…

Piers Morgan Uncensored | “We Don’t Know How Long We Have Left” Eric Weinstein On Nuclear Threat To Humanity

Harvard mathematician and podcaster Dr. Eric Weinstein joins Piers Morgan Uncensored to discuss the threat of nuclear weapons, Artificial Intelligence, Putin and the Ukraine War, America's "grand strategy", and more.

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Apple Podcast Reviews

Eric’s boldness, ideas, and the manner in which he explains and connects his ideas is sui generis

Eric W is exactly what we need right now.

If you want to remove the brain fog and put to words the things that you have been trying to figure out but can’t quite get there on your own because of all the lies and the cultural narrative. This is your podcast!
I’ve literally felt the crumbling of society over the past 11 months, but here is a place where it can be rebuilt! Brilliant! Articulate! Interesting!
I’m so glad someone recommended this to me!

Please keep on providing these conversations via the Portal. There are so few out there that are as consistently meaningful as yours. You are providing hope where there [is] so little these days.

Fantastic conversations with open minded clarity. Yes, these are long podcasts but that’s ok with me. And anyone who ruffles the feathers of the intolerant blobs of both sides of the political divide is ok with me. A breath of fresh intellectual air is needed these days and Eric provides it.

If you enjoy deep thinking, challenging ideas and posits, you’ll hopefully give Portal its due.

Thank you Eric for democratizing productive ways to think. I am honored to consume this

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I can’t wait for a new one.

I love this podcast. I’ve listened to many of these episodes two or three times. Looking forward to more!

Love Eric’s thought process and articulate manner. He never holds back and takes my brain to another level.

Eric Weinstein & The Portal have added so much value to my life. Joy and enjoyment too. I so appreciate his raw smarts, and also how he’s able to articulate his thoughts in an accessible manner. Plus he mixes in humor and general conversational skill, and it all comes from a place of true passion and compassion, I think. I get so much out of this. Thank you Eric!!

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