In this Portal podcast clip, Eric Weinstein and Bret Weinstein discuss Bret’s experience at Evergreen State and the beginning of Anti-racism.

“These people had flipped the script and said, “If you don’t sign up for our racism, you’re a racist.””

“My point is, the accusation is, in and of itself, so powerful in modern circumstances that the idea of standing up to it doesn’t occur to most people.”

In this Portal podcast clip, Eric Weinstein and Peter Thiel discuss the problem of stagnation and its correlation with decreasing innovation in our educational institutions.

“So what I have likened this to is that the United States had something like a Ferrari convertible and it left the top down so that it started getting filled up with rain and it started scrawling, “steal me” in Mandarin, Farsi, Russian, on its front bonnet.” – Eric Weinstein

In this Portal podcast clip, Eric Weinstein shares some ideas about Jeffrey Epstein, and his possible connection to academia.

“If you pretend the system’s working, you’re simultaneously signaling that you’re one of the few people who should succeed.” – Peter Thiel

In this portal podcast clip, Eric Weinstein discusses the slowing rate of technological advancement with Peter Thiel.