Rebel Wisdom – Vaccines, Ivermectin & Dark Horse

What does Eric Weinstein make of the current controversy around vaccines and Ivermectin, centred on the criticism of his brother Bret's podcast, the Dark Horse. In the last days, Sam Harris and former guest Yuri Deigin have both been heavily…

Critics and the IDW – Eric Weinstein on Rebel Wisdom’s Sensemaking Series

Over two years ago the New York Times reported on "a group of heretics, making an end run around the national conversation", the Intellectual Dark Web. Since then the concept has been celebrated and criticised in equal measure. Rebel Wisdom…

Quillette & The Intellectual Dark Web | Eric on Rebel Wisdom

Recently the online magazine Quillette, sometimes characterised as the 'in house magazine for the Intellectual Dark Web' published two articles asking whether the IDW was as politically diverse as it claimed to be. The articles sparked…