Eric Weinstein joins Robert Breedlove for a multi-episode conversation covering mathematics, physics, history, politics, economics, and money.


00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 Consciousness and Reality According to Quantum Physics
00:05:34 Does the Brain Alone Generate the Mind?
00:07:46 Classic vs. Quantum Mechanics
00:12:10 Wave-Particle Duality
00:16:26 Is Reality a Logical Construct?
00:21:52 Consciousness as the Controller of Non-Smooth Muscle
00:24:21 The Default Mode Network and Human Social Institutions
00:28:59 NYDIG
00:30:07 The Benefits and Risks of Ritualization and Automation
00:36:06 Kayfabe and the Fiction of the Unified Mind
00:39:41 The Euphemisms Used to Placate Populations
00:43:56 Propaganda is a PsyOp?
00:47:50 “Pitch Me Bro!”
00:53:53 The Conscious Shifting of Priorities and Genetic Calculus
00:56:22 How Do We Use Deception Safely and Effectively?
00:59:43 “The Meaning of Life is the Struggle to Impart Meaning to Meaning”