This is another deviating episode, this time focusing on Eric Weinstein. We delve deep into a deconstruction process on his cognition, where he exposes his thought process more here than anywhere else — a refreshing take.


0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:29 Eric Weinstein’s projects and humanity’s future

0:01:35 How false utopias affect humanity

0:02:01 What projects people should focus on, and what the flawed incentive structure leads to

0:03:09 Weinstein’s marriage and his theory of the right one

0:04:45 Weinstein’s family

0:05:54 How Weinstein’s children fascinate him

0:07:40 Weinstein’s schedule

0:08:26 Not following the Westcoast optimization program, and how he perceives reality

0:10:11 The life-changing insight he has gotten from using psychedelics

0:11:07 Weinstein’s technique of reading books

0:11:26 How does Weinstein do research on unfamiliar topic?

0:13:23 How does Weinstein find relations between concepts?

0:14:40 Hierarchy of relationships between concepts

0:15:49 Why is the simplifying hidden in pedagogy?

0:16:30 Weinstein on dyslexia and learning difficulties through symbolic channel

0:18:56 What does Weinstein find difficult in physics?

0:20:58 How does Weinstein manage dyslexia while working?

0:23:08 How learning disabilities are misdiagnosed in educational system

0:24:32 Advice to people with learning disabilities

0:25:30 Good academic performance is a hybrid of a learner’s abilities and teacher’s abilities

0:26:53 Was Weinstein able to come up with quick and unique responses when he was 25?

0:27:56 How can one think originally? Advice on how to articulate the original point of view

0:31:52 Black Lives Matter’s Marxism

0:34:37 What avenues did Weinstein explore for his theory of everything that didn’t work?

0:35:20 Garrett Lisi and the theory around E8

0:37:18 The meaning of time in human history for science

0:38:37 Does Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem have anything to do with physical theories?

0:41:04 Analogy of the Theory of Everything

0:41:45 Why are the rules the way they are when it comes to the analogy of the Theory of Everything?

0:43:18 How is an electron knows what to do?

0:45:03 A differential equation

0:46:51 The electromagnetic field

0:47:17 Quantum electrodynamics / field theory

0:47:43 Is Weinstein qualified to discuss physics?

0:50:07 Does Weinstein bring mathematics and physics into the broader public sphere?

0:55:38 Is his motivation entirely altruistic?

1:00:00 Why did the National Science Foundation proclaim a STEM shortage?

1:04:26 Stephon Alexander – one of the only black physicists

1:05:46 Did the National Science Foundation proclaim a STEM shortage because of money?

1:12:05 Transfer of wealth from the employees to the employers

1:14:54 Does Weinstein work on his articulation?

1:16:22 Why is debating about free will unproductive?

1:18:30 Does Weinstein have personal definition of free will?

1:19:14 Who does Weinstein pray to? The concept of prayer

1:21:06 “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan and its form of a prayer

1:23:39 Weinstein about Kurt Cobain of “Nirvana”

1:24:43 Music and the context of religion

1:25:04 Merging of sexuality and Gospel

1:26:13 Thinking of the Bible as literal

1:27:08 Why does Weinstein use esoteric language?