This is another deviating episode, this time focusing on Eric Weinstein. We delve deep into a deconstruction process on his cognition, where he exposes his thought process more here than anywhere else — a refreshing take.


0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:29 Eric Weinstein’s projects and humanity’s future

0:01:35 How false utopias affect humanity

0:02:01 What projects people should focus on, and what the flawed incentive structure leads to

0:03:09 Weinstein’s marriage and his theory of the right one

0:04:45 Weinstein’s family

0:05:54 How Weinstein’s children fascinate him

0:07:40 Weinstein’s schedule

0:08:26 Not following the Westcoast optimization program, and how he perceives reality

0:10:11 The life-changing insight he has gotten from using psychedelics

0:11:07 Weinstein’s technique of reading books

0:11:26 How does Weinstein do research on unfamiliar topic?

0:13:23 How does Weinstein find relations between concepts?

0:14:40 Hierarchy of relationships between concepts

0:15:49 Why is the simplifying hidden in pedagogy?

0:16:30 Weinstein on dyslexia and learning difficulties through symbolic channel

0:18:56 What does Weinstein find difficult in physics?

0:20:58 How does Weinstein manage dyslexia while working?

0:23:08 How learning disabilities are misdiagnosed in educational system

0:24:32 Advice to people with learning disabilities

0:25:30 Good academic performance is a hybrid of a learner’s abilities and teacher’s abilities

0:26:53 Was Weinstein able to come up with quick and unique responses when he was 25?

0:27:56 How can one think originally? Advice on how to articulate the original point of view

0:31:52 Black Lives Matter’s Marxism

0:34:37 What avenues did Weinstein explore for his theory of everything that didn’t work?

0:35:20 Garrett Lisi and the theory around E8

0:37:18 The meaning of time in human history for science

0:38:37 Does Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem have anything to do with physical theories?

0:41:04 Analogy of the Theory of Everything

0:41:45 Why are the rules the way they are when it comes to the analogy of the Theory of Everything?

0:43:18 How is an electron knows what to do?

0:45:03 A differential equation

0:46:51 The electromagnetic field

0:47:17 Quantum electrodynamics / field theory

0:47:43 Is Weinstein qualified to discuss physics?

0:50:07 Does Weinstein bring mathematics and physics into the broader public sphere?

0:55:38 Is his motivation entirely altruistic?

1:00:00 Why did the National Science Foundation proclaim a STEM shortage?

1:04:26 Stephon Alexander – one of the only black physicists

1:05:46 Did the National Science Foundation proclaim a STEM shortage because of money?

1:12:05 Transfer of wealth from the employees to the employers

1:14:54 Does Weinstein work on his articulation?

1:16:22 Why is debating about free will unproductive?

1:18:30 Does Weinstein have personal definition of free will?

1:19:14 Who does Weinstein pray to? The concept of prayer

1:21:06 “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan and its form of a prayer

1:23:39 Weinstein about Kurt Cobain of “Nirvana”

1:24:43 Music and the context of religion

1:25:04 Merging of sexuality and Gospel

1:26:13 Thinking of the Bible as literal

1:27:08 Why does Weinstein use esoteric language?

Part 2 of Brian Keating’s conversation with Eric Weinstein on the INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE podcast pivots from faith & family to the course catalog at “Weinstein University” (fictional, for now!) which would combine scholarship with wonder. We also contemplate the notion of legacies, not just for our actual children, but for our ideological children as well.

This is the first episode of The Portal which was 100% recorded at home, during quarantine, under social isolation. The guest is none other than my own son Zev Weinstein and the recording was timed to straddle his midnight transition from being 14 into being 15 years old. 

Zev is currently a 9th grader who occasionally posts to his YouTube Channel GenerationZ ( and his Twitter Account @Zev__Weinstein ( In this episode, we sit down to discuss history, poetry, COVID19, jewish humor and other issues, as well as the three questions I am frequently asked about on the topic of parenting: 

A) What is the proper approach to parenting a child whose learning differences are significant? 

B) Do you have any novel approaches to parenting? 

C) What is the best way to parent young boys in a world that cannot find a shared positive vision of masculinity worth celebrating? 

Rather than attempt to answer these questions entirely on my own, I thought it would make sense to bring Zev onto The Portal to discuss them with me in his own distinct voice. I hope you will enjoy this episode in the spirit with which it was recorded, and that you will encourage Zev to speak on issues of Generation Z. They are already quite well equipped to discuss how they view the generations above them in handling the world, whose stewardship they will soon inherit. 

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