In this interview, Peter McCormack and Eric Weinstein discuss media fact-checking, colonising other worlds, physics beyond Einstein, intelligent design, narrative wars, modern fascism, and economic deception amidst the rise of Bitcoin.

Culture wars, identity politics, the intellectual dark web, audience capture: this is the well-worn nomenclature used to define the battles of open discourse that have been raging over the past few years. Retaining an authentic and honest voice in today’s polarised and intolerant society has required fortitude and resilience.

But, trying to engage with those who refuse to have (or are incapable of having) an open mind takes its toll. In addition, it is equally waring to engage with those who have a firm opinion on all matters. People generally refrain from admitting they don’t know, or that they are open to changing their views, as though indecision or uncertainty are damning frailties.

Having a society that is blinkered and entrenched and toxic is obviously counterproductive. In a political context, pluralism is the bedrock of a functioning democracy. In science, openness to new ways of thinking and new ideas allows for the paradigm shifts that propel the advancement of our civilisation.

That some of our generations greatest thought leaders are having to waste their time defending their right to have views, instead of actually developing and sharing their views, is the behaviour of an inward-looking society starting to wither. The people within Bitcoin must help fix this.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:48 Audience capture, fact-checking, censorship
00:14:58 Bitcoin fixes this, not selling your soul
00:28:19 The Einsteinian Prison Break
00:41:05 Intelligent design
00:50:35 Children, spirituality, and climate
00:59:13 Leaders, Wealth, and Luxury
01:18:54 Institutional decay
01:31:35 The Bitcoin fight