Piers Morgan Uncensored | “We Don’t Know How Long We Have Left” Eric Weinstein On Nuclear Threat To Humanity

Harvard mathematician and podcaster Dr. Eric Weinstein joins Piers Morgan Uncensored to discuss the threat of nuclear weapons, Artificial Intelligence, Putin and the Ukraine War, America's "grand strategy", and more.

Brian Keating & Eric Weinstein | Science, Power and War

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A previously unreleased conversation from the vault, back in Spring 2022. As relevant as ever, hear Eric's thoughts on sundry topics such as: 00:00:00 What’s new? 00:12:45 The twin nuclei and the unleashing of great power 00:16:13 Harry Truman…

Lex Fridman #134 | Eric On the Nature of Good and Evil, Genius and Madness

OUTLINE: 0:00 - Introduction 2:16 - Eddie Van Halen 9:56 - Leonard Cohen 17:52 - Battle between ego and humility 23:08 - Darkness and beauty 29:50 - Jimi Hendrix 32:38 - Good Will Hunting 36:46 - Revolutionary minds 48:19 - Next Elon Musk should…

The Portal Podcast #041: Douglas Murray – Heroism 2020: Defense of Our Own Civilization

If you don't know Douglas Murray, in the estimation of the The Portal, this may well be the most important voice you will hear from the United Kingdom for some time. In the tradition of De Tocqueville and Alistair Cook's famous "Letter…

An Ode To The Uncorrelated Thinker | Eric on The Jolly Swagman, Ep. 100

Eric returns to Joe Walker's podcast, The Jolly Swagman, for Joe's 100th episode.

The Portal Podcast #027: Daniel Schmachtenberger – On Avoiding Apocalypses

In this second episode of the Portal to be released during shelter-in-place restrictions during the Corona Virus Pandemic, we release an older discussion with Daniel Shmachtenberger on whether there is any plausible long term scenario for…