The Problem of Narrative-Driven Journalism – Sam Harris

"I do feel like we are witnessing several sea changes, which I couldn't have honestly said, you know, 15 years ago or 20 years ago. I mean something, you know, something has changed and some things have clearly changed for the worse, and maybe…

Project Veritas and ‘Perfectly Legal’ Journalism – James O’Keefe

"In a world in which no one will cover the goddamn story, you're looking for the outlet that will." - Eric Weinstein In this Portal Podcast clip, Eric Weinstein discusses the state of journalism inside the G.I.N. (Gated Institutional Narrative)…

The Portal Podcast #026: James O’Keefe – What is (and isn’t) Journalism in the 21st century

James O'Keefe is a dangerous man. He records people without their knowledge and publishes the results using the full power of our technological toolkit. He is well versed in the details of the law as to what can and cannot be legally recorded…