In this Portal podcast clip, Eric Weinstein and Vitalik Buterin discuss the future of cryptocurrencies and their potential role in organized crime.

Quotes from this video:

“If you create a group that just goes fundamentally against the vast majority of people’s values, then it’s just going to be hard to find volunteer effort for that sort of thing.”

“Blockchains are a fundamentally programmatic medium. All they see is the data that gets fed into them and what they can compute as a result of that data.”

In this episode, Vitalik Buterin sits down with Eric to discuss ethereum, the wider world of crypto and heterodox economics.

Taking note of the new development of blockchain in 2010, Eric wrote an essay called “Go Virtual Young Man”. A few years later, a Thiel Fellow named Vitalik created a virtual machine with an idiosyncratic smart contract system and a currency. Ironically, Eric had recently become a Managing Director at Thiel Capital. Perennially circling each other intellectually, the two now sit down in person to discuss economic paradigm shifts, crypto and the future of online sovereignty and social coordination. 

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