The Portal Podcast #041: Douglas Murray – Heroism 2020: Defense of Our Own Civilization

If you don't know Douglas Murray, in the estimation of the The Portal, this may well be the most important voice you will hear from the United Kingdom for some time. In the tradition of De Tocqueville and Alistair Cook's famous "Letter…


This essay appears in audio format at the beginning of The Portal Podcast, Episode 39. Hi, it's Eric with this episode's audio essay. The subject today is "optics". I want to try to use this essay to formulate a simple law for social…

Eric with Bret and Heather on DarkHorse – Science is Open Mic Night

The description below was taken from the original YouTube video's description by DarkHorse. A special call in from Eric Weinstein to the DarkHorse podcast live.

The N^2 revolution

In 2017 Eric Weinstein talked about a Low-Grade Revolution that could lead to today’s chaos.