Piers Morgan Uncensored | “WILDLY Unhinged” Eric On Terrence Howard’s Science

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"Trust the science" became the mantra during the pandemic - but now it seems we're living in an age where the likes of Terrence Howard and Candace Owens are trying to debunk it. Actor Howard recently raised eyebrows when he appeared on Joe…

The Joe Rogan Experience #2171 | Eric Weinstein & Terrence Howard

Eric's seventh appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. See all episodes here.Eric Weinstein holds a PhD in mathematical physics from Harvard University and is a member of the Galileo Project research team.Terrence Howard is an actor of stage…

Discussing Terrence Howard on X Spaces | Eric Weinstein & Brian Keating

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Does 1x1=2? Is the periodic table wrong? Are all conspiracies wrong? Are experts failing us? It is clear that there is a growing public distrust of experts and institutions, and even more clear that this has severe consequences for society…