Is String Theory Still Worth Exploring? | Roger Penrose and Eric Weinstein Battle Brian Greene

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Roger Penrose and Eric Weinstein go at loggerheads with Brian Greene over the relevance of String Theory today. We previously saw Weinstein and Greene battle it out over the String Theory community's toxic culture. Today we get to see physicist…

Twistor Theory – Roger Penrose

"It's like you have to say, "this I believe", and in general people won't say it. " - Eric Weinstein In this Portal podcast clip, Eric Weinstein and Roger Penrose discuss Twistors and Twistor Theory.

The Portal Podcast #020: Sir Roger Penrose – Plotting the Twist of Einstein’s Legacy

Roger Penrose is arguably the most important living descendent of Albert Einstein’s school of geometric physics. In this episode of The Portal, we avoid the usual questions put to roger about quantum foundations and quantum consciousness.…