Rebel Wisdom – Vaccines, Ivermectin & Dark Horse

What does Eric Weinstein make of the current controversy around vaccines and Ivermectin, centred on the criticism of his brother Bret's podcast, the Dark Horse. In the last days, Sam Harris and former guest Yuri Deigin have both been heavily…

The Realignment – Dr. Eric Weinstein: What Happens Now?

Dr. Eric Weinstein, host of “The Portal” podcast and managing director at Thiel Capital, makes his third Realignment appearance to discuss where Marshall and Saagar should take The Realignment and Breaking Points, returning heterodox viewpoints…

The Portal Podcast #001: Peter Thiel – An Era of Stagnation & Universal Institutional Failure

Welcome to The Portal. Episode 1 is a conversation with Peter Thiel. Please subscribe to The Portal anywhere you listen to podcasts, and leave us a rating and review in Apple Podcasts. Transcript Eric Weinstein: Hello…