Bret Weinstein and Eric Weinstein: Fundamental Truth and How to Think About it

Brothers Bret & Eric Weinstein Discuss the nature of truth, Eric's journey and objectives as a mathematician. They talk about geometric unity, and the obstacles to the discovery of fundamental truths that might transform our lives for the…

Eric on Into the Impossible, Ep 49: Theories of Everything, Geometric Unity, Mathematical Reality

Part 1 of Brian Keating's fascinating interview with mathematician & economist Eric Weinstein on the INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE Podcast. Topics include Eric's provocative new ideas on physics and science culture. Eric is a vocal critic of…

A Portal Special Presentation- Geometric Unity: A First Look

Eric Weinstein first presented Geometric Unity in three lectures delivered over the course of a week at the University of Oxford by invitation of Marcus du Sautoy, the Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science. The lectures…