Bitcoin 2023 | The Intellectual Rabbithole | Eric Weinstein & Robert Breedlove

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The Intellectual Rabbithole fireside chat with Eric Weinstein and Robert Breedlove at Bitcoin 2023

Brian Keating & Eric Weinstein | “Someone has to rescue the physics community”

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Watch the full interview with Eric here: 00:00:00 What will a new paradigm shift look like for us? 00:00:51 Who has the money and interest to fund new physics? 00:01:58 Eric discusses how wealthy people can…

Was Feynman right when he said “If you give more money to theoretical physics, it doesn’t do any good if it just increases the number of guys following the comet head”?

This essay was originally published in 2013 on [Note added in response to comment: I am responding here to Feynman's suggestion in the second half of the quote that the *only* way to make progress is to encourage…