Teach Me, Teacher #200 | Eric on Edugenic Harm and Neurodiversity

See also on The Portal Wiki Description below was taken from original post at Teach Me, Teacher, by the podcast host, Jacob Chastain. When I started Teach Me, Teacher in 2016, I did so with the goal to talk to great educators in my…

The Portal Podcast #039: Admission To Sugar Baby U.

One of the pillars of the American Dream has been that of seeing your children go to college. And, for the many families that can't afford the cost of soaring university tuitions, a new controversial institution has arisen to address the…

The Portal Podcast #019: Bret Weinstein – The Prediction and the DISC

All of our Mice are Broken. On this episode of The Portal, Bret and Eric sit down alone with each other for the first time in public. There was no plan. There was however, a remarkable story of science at its both best and worst that…