Guest Appearances

RACISM, EPSTEIN & PHYSICS | Eric Weinstein & Mike Rashid

Mike Rashid King is a professional boxer, entrepreneur, fitness & lifestyle enthusiast. He began boxing as an amateur at age 12, and stopped at age 21. Picked up the sport again in 2017, and turned pro as a heavyweight a year later in 2018. Mike has also competed as a power lifter, and played many […]

The Portal Clips

Evergreen and Anti-racism – Bret Weinstein

In this Portal podcast clip, Eric Weinstein and Bret Weinstein discuss Bret’s experience at Evergreen State and the beginning of Anti-racism. “These people had flipped the script and said, “If you don’t sign up for our racism, you’re a racist.”” “My point is, the accusation is, in and of itself, so powerful in modern circumstances […]