Eric Weinstein joins Robert Breedlove for a multi-episode conversation covering mathematics, physics, history, politics, economics, and money.


00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:08 Kayfabe and Kayfabrication: A System of Stratified Lies
00:05:00 Inauthenticity Cannot Be Separated from Authenticity
00:08:08 “The Idealism of Every Age is the Cover Story for Its Thefts”
00:09:30 The Inauthenticity of Money Causing the Inauthenticity of Politics?
00:13:10 The Prevalence of Politics as Premised on the Violability of Property
00:16:47 Is There Any Justification for Government Coercion?
00:19:01 The Kayfabrication of Central Banking
00:24:03 Markets as the Extension of Evolution by Other Means
00:25:09 Markets as Engines of Mimesis
00:28:41 Culture as a Bulwark Against Central Banking
00:32:07 Culture as Downstream of Terrestrial and Technological Realities?
00:33:33 “Money is Fungible Freedom”
00:34:15 Central Banking and Embedded Growth Obligations (EGOs)
00:39:11 Bitcoiners as the New Gold Bugs?
00:41:50 Economic Consequences of Non-State, Hard Money
00:43:57 The Possibility of Algorithmic Central Banking?
00:50:25 “Bitcoiners Have to Start Thinking Like the Big Dogs”
00:54:11 The Stability of Rules as the Bedrock of Peace
00:55:45 “Satoshi is the George Washington of Money”
01:00:47 Bitcoin Reveals Incompetence of Lack of Ethics Among Leaders