The last 3 years has been a time of massive confusion. No one can agree on what is real, or true, or who is good faith, or a grifter. No matter what you believe in, we can all agree that this epidemic of uncertainty can’t continue.

Expect to learn what you learn from being around the most rich and powerful people in the world, what it was like to meet Jeffrey Epstein face to face, what Eric thinks about the recent surge in UFO disclosures, his thoughts on Sam Harris’ recent episode with me, whether the downfall of physics and academia is the nail in the coffin for humanity, the biggest issues with having easy access to porn, how women could take a bigger role in the crisis of masculinity and much more…

00:00 Eric’s First Holiday for a Long Time
05:41 What Normal People Misunderstand about Elite People
12:53 Balancing Your Scarcity Mentality & Abundance Mentality
16:04 When Eric Met Jeffrey Epstein
32:23 The Response from the Recent UFO Whistleblowers
38:50 How to Defend Against Manipulative Uncertainty
45:38 Where Eric Differs from Sam Harris
48:56 Have We Become Too Sceptical of Institutions?
1:03:32 How the Human Race Becomes Multi-Planetary
1:28:53 Explaining How Good Albert Einstein Was
1:35:49 Why is the Sagrada Familia So Significant?
1:41:09 Balancing the Cognitive with the Transcendent
1:46:28 Do We Rely Too Much on a Brain-Based Economy?
1:56:54 Lessons from Khabib on Arrogance & Humility
2:10:54 The Death of Nuance & Truth in the Social Media Era
2:24:47 Why People Aren’t Having High-Level Interactions Anymore
2:29:37 The Real Problems Men are Facing Today
2:44:11 How Social Media, Video Games & Porn Impact Men
2:50:30 The Consequences of Women’s Inclination Towards Hypergamy
3:01:45 The Educational System’s Biggest Flaws
3:12:52 Where to Find Eric