Eric Weinstein & Dan Green | What is Wrong With Physics?

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Join Eric, Dan Green, and Brian Keating as they discuss the state of physics—both theoretical and experimental—and ways to make progress in the future.

IAI Live | Finding an ultimate theory of everything | Eric Weinstein & Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer and Eric Weinstein discuss the universe, reality and perception.

Brian Keating & Eric Weinstein | “Someone has to rescue the physics community”

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Watch the full interview with Eric here: 00:00:00 What will a new paradigm shift look like for us? 00:00:51 Who has the money and interest to fund new physics? 00:01:58 Eric discusses how wealthy people can…

Brian Keating & Eric Weinstein | Albert Einstein & Geometric Unity

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00:00:00 Einstein asks Eric about the balance between the spiritual and logical mind. 00:01:12 Eric asserts that when doing science, one can't be afraid of being wrong. 00:04:06 How is theoretical physics unbalanced, and what sort of ideas…

Brian Keating & Eric Weinstein | The Real Reason Physics Is Stuck

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00:00:00 Where do we search to find new advancements? 00:01:05 The Universe should be simple, the standard model is ugly. 00:01:47 What does it mean for a theory to be natural?

BRIAN KEATING & ERIC WEINSTEIN | Bitcoin & the Future of Wealth

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00:00:00 Eric talks about his upcoming Bitcoin conference. 00:00:42 What kind of attitudes should the wealthy have for their legacy? 00:01:17 Eric issues a call to action for billionares to change how we use money in science.