Was Jeffrey Epstein a Construct?

"All I'm trying to suggest is that for some reason I picked this one person to tell a 15-year story about that I believed he was an intelligence construct of probably another country operating in the center of the United States elite." - Eric…

The Portal Podcast #025: The Construct, Jeffrey Epstein

Over half a year ago, immediately following the reported death of Jeffrey Epstein, Eric recorded a solo episode that he never released in hopes that its subject matter would be overtaken by investigative journalism. As this has not happened,…

The Portal Podcast #018: Eric Weinstein (Solo) – Slipping the DISC: State of The Portal/Chapter 2020

This "housekeeping" (cough cough) episode of The Portal is only for the hard core listeners who launched this experiment with us. This year we begin to take on the idea of the Distributed Idea Suppression Complex or "DISC".  From…