Brian Keating & Eric Weinstein | The Real Reason Physics Is Stuck

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00:00:00 Where do we search to find new advancements? 00:01:05 The Universe should be simple, the standard model is ugly. 00:01:47 What does it mean for a theory to be natural?

BRIAN KEATING & ERIC WEINSTEIN | Bitcoin & the Future of Wealth

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00:00:00 Eric talks about his upcoming Bitcoin conference. 00:00:42 What kind of attitudes should the wealthy have for their legacy? 00:01:17 Eric issues a call to action for billionares to change how we use money in science.

Brian Keating & Eric Weinstein | Nobody is worried about physics

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What are the consequences of the stagnation in physics? What happens if academic freedom is not defended? Is tenure still necessary?

Brian Keating & Eric Weinstein | Science, Power and War

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A previously unreleased conversation from the vault, back in Spring 2022. As relevant as ever, hear Eric's thoughts on sundry topics such as: 00:00:00 What’s new? 00:12:45 The twin nuclei and the unleashing of great power 00:16:13 Harry Truman…

This Model Explains Media Manipulation

A summary of the Four Quadrant Model and a preview of the third in a three-part series on Eric Weinstein's ideas about growth, stagnation, and political fakery.

IAI Live | Quantum Physics and the End of Reality | Sabine Hossenfelder, Carlo Rovelli, Eric Weinstein

Watch @Sabine Hossenfelder , Carlo Rovelli, and Eric Weinstein discuss quantum physics, consciousness and the mystery of reality.