A man got to have a code


When academic institutions violate their own codes to harass, humiliate, and harm individuals within their communities by cheating, stealing, and lying, they simultaneously empower those individuals to take extreme countermeasures in self defense. If an individual must act in self defense, normal rules cease to apply, and the institutional outlaws must face the individual outlaws who refuse to be subjected to further abuse.

Our code:

  • Whenever possible, target institutions, not individuals
  • Attempt to minimize damage to the scientific establishment
  • Use your own name (don’t hide behind anonymity)
  • Reveal your base motivations, along with your best
  • Be up front about conflicts of interest
  • Do not use resources of the academic community, if there are alternatives
  • Do not delight in the pain of others
  • Offer a hand to anyone you have knocked down
  • Do not induce people to reveal things in private that you intend to share more widely
  • Focus on substance over drama
  • Steelman your opponent

But to live outside the law you must be honest

Bob Dylan